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Start Bitcoin Mining Right Now

There are two simple steps. Customize a plan that best suits your needs and proceed with the payment.

Hashing24 - Set up a plan Set up a plan
36-month plan

one-time payment

$0.00033 per GH/s per day
Amount of hosts
Delivery Date
Contract type
36 months

The main terms of mining equipment rent:

  • By purchasing this service, you will be provided on a daily basis the benefit of the ordered power, which will be sourced from equipment located in the data centers of our partners.
  • The service fee includes the cost of a one-time allocation of ordered power, but you will also pay a daily maintenance fee for the equipment maintenance and its power supply.
  • If during three days there will not be enough money on the client’s balance for a daily payment, the mining contract and service will be canceled.
  • Mining will start automatically from 00:00 UTC.

Full terms and conditions for using the service are available at this link.