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Hashing24 Auction

Hashing24 Auction is a great tool to trade your available hashing contracts or get some new ones from our existing customers.

How it all works

Register on Hashing24
(if not yet registered)
Put enough funds in your balance
Make the winning bid
Receive your new bitcoin mining contract
Determine your lot profile
(hashpower, auction end date, starting price)
Place it on the Auction for sale
Take the winning bid
Receive proceeds from your sale in your balance
All Auction participants are verified customers of Hashing24
You set your starting prices and auction deadlines
You choose from many buying options and select what suits your mining needs
Lot transfers and payments for lots are made automatically right after Auction close
Ease of Use
No complex calculations involved. All transactions are simple and transparent
Customer Support
You can always rely on the competence and issue resolution skills of our staff

Hashing24 Auction provides a convenient platform to place your contracts on the Auction, receive bids from prospective buyers, and sell when you feel comfortable with the price.

Join the auction